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Who Should Care About Responsible Conduct of Research in Research-Creation?

by Emilie St.Hilaire

RACAR 43 (2018) 1:25–38



This article explores how emerging conversations about responsible conduct of research in research-creation (RC) raise longstanding and unresolved questions about the status of RC as research. The author urges those with a stake in research in the arts to engage in the discourse and decisions surrounding RC practices if they want the values of their communities of practice to be reflected in RC going forward. Comparisons are made between RC in Canada and artistic research abroad (notably in the European Union and Scandinavian countries). Five profiles of RC practitioners are presented (artist, arts-based researcher, artist-researcher, medical researcher, PhD student), which were created to exemplify a wide range of RC practices. This article presents evidence that current RC funding models used in Canada favour projects with a strong orientation toward academic research, over projects that reveal knowledge through artistic experimentation and interpretation.


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