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No Winter : No Future

This experimental work combines my interest in exploring new mediums and my research practice.

Every generation has struggled with the decision of whether or not to bring new life into this world whether concerned about war, nuclear threat, economic realities, or a general perception of cultural depravity. Today young people must face the fact that humanity will face an increasingly dire climate crisis unless something drastically changes about the way we live.


This resin sculpture is based on the dimensions and visual characteristics of an ice core sample, which climatologists extract by drilling deep into the glaciers at the Northern and Southern extremities of our planet. Ice cores have demonstrated what the earth’s climate was like up to 800,000 years ago through carbon dioxide and other indicators trapped in the layers of ice. The hand of a human baby reaches up from the darkest point in my ice core. These dark layers represent the anthropocene - a point at which all geologic strata on earth has been affected by human activity. 

Title: No Winter : No Future

Year: 2017
Height: 30 cm
Width: 12 cm

Weight: 8.5 lbs
Mirror size in documentation: 12”x12” Materials: Polyurethane resin, pigment, vinyl doll arm

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