*Artistic Research, Research-Creation, Arts-Based Research, Practice-Based Research, Practice as Research, Performance as Research, Practice-Led Research/A/R/Tography, Art. 

Inspired by Edward Gorey’s 1963 illustrated book The Gashleycrumb Tinies: A very Gorey Alphabet Book, as well as Alphabet books in general, this production is fuelled by my desire become acquainted with artistic research methodologies and prompt lively discussion on the topic.

“If you create something, you're killing a lot of other things. And the way I write, since I do leave out most of the connections, and very little is pinned down, I feel that I'm doing a minimum of damage to other possibilities that might arise in the reader's mind.”(Edward Gorey, qtd. in Shortsleeve) 

My goal is to collectively create an abecedarian about research in the arts. The first workshop was held at the 2018 International Community of Artist Scholars (ICAS) annual conference in San Francisco on January 19th. The next iteration of this workshop will take place at the Alliances and Commonalities conference at the University of Stockholm (Sweden) in October 2018. Artistic research practices vary widely around the world and operate under many different terms such as those listed in the title of this bookmaking workshop. I look forward to discovering if a European group of participants differs significantly from a North American group in their production of pages for the abecedarian.

Each page features drawn elements graciously provided by Aaron Finbloom, artist and PhD candidate currently in Montreal, Canada.

These sample pages were created at the ICAS workshop by Noura and James Rosenthal.

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